Friday, 6 November 2015

Market day!!!

Market day!!!

Today we had market day. We Sold Chocolates with crushed candy canes and they are called crushed delights. Our logo was 'Jamber's' which it Amber and Jiwon put together.
First we had to Put up our posters, These are our posters:Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgDisplaying FullSizeRender.jpg
Then we put up some paper chains thet I made.And also Jiwon put up some balloons to make it colourful. 
Then it was selling time! Our product selled out sooooo quickly!!! When my dad came we didn't have any left for him!!!
So after we had done we could Just go and buy some other stuff!!! This is us selling our product:
Displaying 20151106_101822.jpg

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Food inquiry

Food inquiry

This term our class has been working on making our own food products. I have buddied up with Jiwon and we are making crushed candy cane chocolates. We made them because I got a chocolate making set for my birthday and I really wanted to use it. We have called them crushed delights. We had to give some out to people in the classroom to try. Here are some photos:
Displaying IMG_0094.JPG
Displaying IMG_0092.JPG
Here is the recipe to making the chocolate:
You will need
Milk chocolate
Candy canes-any flavour
a bowl 
a pot
hot water

1.Get the pan and fill it with hot water.
2. Get the bowl and rest it on top of the pan.
3. Cut up the chocolate into squares.
4. put the chocolate in the bowl on top of the pan and stir it until it is melted.
5. Put around 10 candy canes in a bag, seal it up and crush them with a rolling pin.
6. sprinkle a bit of candycanes in the bottom of the mould.
7.  pour in the melted cocolate to the top of the moulds.
8. sprinkle more candy canes on top of the chocolate.
9. Put them in the fridge and check them every now and again.
10. when they are set, take them out and tip them up side down an they will come out. 
You are done!!!

Here are some more photos

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This is our packaging

This is our logo

Crushed delights

               Crushed delights

Today Jiwon and I made our poster for our crushed delights.
We had Bella Wright's mum come in and talked to us about posters and what colours to use and what to put on our poster.
We had to put: Photos, what we were making, Bold fonts and things like that. Here is our poster:

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Amber's amazballs pizza

For homework last week our class had to design our own pizza. I made a tomato base, cheese, salami and chicken. Then for writing this week we had to write some persuasive writing to go with it. Then we had to put it into voki. here is mine.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Geometric shapes

My Awesome geometric shapes

This week in class we have been working on geometric shapes. We got given a circle. We had to make a six sided, eighteen sided or a thirty six sided. ( if we made any more than that it would look like a big blob!!! )
It was really hard  and I did a six sided first and that was easy, then I did a eighteen sided I thought It would be a little bit hard than the first one but it was waaaaayyyyy harder! I still did it and it was fun. Here is a picture of both of them. ( you can probabaly tell wich one is easy and wich one is hard! )

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

calender art

 Calender art

For our calender art this year we did something called zentangle. At the start I had never ever heard of it. But it is sooo fun!!! it is lots of cool patterns that you see from different angles and they almost make your eyes go funny! here are some examples of zentangle:
We had to choose an animal and then zentagle it. I chose a orca whale:
Here is my fully finished zentangle, zentangled, coloured and done.
Displaying 20150827_121355.jpg

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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For the past few weeks we have been working on strawberrry things. We are doing this because a girl in my class, well her dad works at a strawberry farm and he invited us to come. So we went and learnt a whole lot of things about strawberries.
Then we had to find a way to show our work and what we'd learnt. So I made this poster in the shape of a strawberry. I got some photos, wrote some facts and drew some pictures. I also did a google slide to incude the things that I forgot to add in my poster. Here is my poster.

Here is a link to my google slide.