Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick write


                                  This picture won the Auckland photo competition. 
                         We used this photo for our writing because it can say a lot in just one image.
                      We had to write about it and what we would be thinking if we were that person.                                                                     Here's what I wrote about it.  

the flying Jump

As I start to do a run up of the wharf in Auckland, I think will the water be cold? maybe it will be warm. Probably not!
Suddenly a funny thought comes through my head, should I be doing this? Is it dangerous? As I try to push it out of the way. As I fly through the air, I feel so free and wonderful! I stretch my arms out in front of me and try to imagine what it would be like to fly like this all the time. As I’m just about to plunge into the water, I look up and gaze at the wonderful city that I am so fortunate to live in. Suddenly, SPLASH!!!! I belly flop into the water. It really is cold! (I knew it wouldn't be warm! ) I look at the water around me. It really isn’t the nicest day . The water seems so greenish brown and dark, yuck!
Suddenly, my fun is spoiled by my mum calling out to me. Uh oh!!! She does not sound happy!

I quickly get out of the water and head towards my house. I hesitate. Should I do it again for fun? But then mum would get super angry! I decide not to. Maybe I could do it another time.