Thursday, 29 October 2015

Food inquiry

Food inquiry

This term our class has been working on making our own food products. I have buddied up with Jiwon and we are making crushed candy cane chocolates. We made them because I got a chocolate making set for my birthday and I really wanted to use it. We have called them crushed delights. We had to give some out to people in the classroom to try. Here are some photos:
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Here is the recipe to making the chocolate:
You will need
Milk chocolate
Candy canes-any flavour
a bowl 
a pot
hot water

1.Get the pan and fill it with hot water.
2. Get the bowl and rest it on top of the pan.
3. Cut up the chocolate into squares.
4. put the chocolate in the bowl on top of the pan and stir it until it is melted.
5. Put around 10 candy canes in a bag, seal it up and crush them with a rolling pin.
6. sprinkle a bit of candycanes in the bottom of the mould.
7.  pour in the melted cocolate to the top of the moulds.
8. sprinkle more candy canes on top of the chocolate.
9. Put them in the fridge and check them every now and again.
10. when they are set, take them out and tip them up side down an they will come out. 
You are done!!!

Here are some more photos

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This is our packaging

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